Ifor Williams P6e, P7e, P8e Livestock Trailer

Model Details

Atkins Farm Machinery stocks the P6e, P7e and P8e livestock trailer range for sale in Cork. This popular range of small trailer offers unbraked trailers that can be used for a multitude of work both on and off road. This trailer is so light it can easily be towed by a quad bike, moving animals around the farm on short off road trips. These trailers are also adaptable and can be used as general duty trailers for transporting feed, grains, fertilizers and materials.


With ramp or tailboard models, canopy and livestock options with gross weights of 500kg or 750kg along with a range of optional accessories, the P6e, P7e & P8e cater for most domestic, light commercial and general farmyard duties. A factory fitted option of 2mm aluminium treadplate overlay is available. The loading ramp is panelled in 2mm thick slip resistant aluminium tread plate. The P6e has a floor area of 1.21m x 1.98m and a maximum gross weight of either 500 or 750kg.
The P7e is slightly longer with a floor space of 1.21m x 2.21m. The largest in the range is the P8e offering 1.45m x 2.51m of floor space, making it suitable for carrying mowers, ATV’s and most standard sized construction boards. The strong, low maintenance rubber torsion suspension system is fitted with a choice of either 145/80B10 (P6e only, 500kg gross weight), 145/70R13 (500 & 750kg gross weight) or 20.5 x 8-10 (750kg gross weight) flotation tyres.


Model Tyres Gross Weight Unladen Weight Internal Length Internal Width Overall Length Overall Width
P6e 145/70R13 750kg 172kg 1.98m 1.21m 2.95m 1.72m
P7e 20.5×8-10 750kg 193kg 2.21m 1.21m 3.18m 1.72m
P7e 145/70R13 500kg 177kg 2.21m 1.21m 3.18m 1.72m
P7e 145/70R13 750kg 193kg 2.21m 1.21m 3.18m 1.72m
P6e 20.5x8x10 750kg 172kg 1.98m 1.21m 2.95m 1.72m
P7e 20.5x8x10 750kg 193kg 2.21m 1.21m 3.18m 1.72m


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