Ifor Williams Vehicle Canopy (Mesh Panel)

Model Details

Atkins Farm Machinery presents the Ifor Williams vehicle canopy range for sale in Cork. Trailers with a tailboard are offered with the option of a meshgate or aluminium door. Trailers with a ramp option will have an approximate gap of 200mm between the top of the ramp and roof of the canopy.
Trailer canopies with an aluminium door with window also have a window in the front panel of the canopy. Those supplied with an aluminium door without a window have no window in the front panel.


Canopies can double the versatility of trailers, conceal trailer load, increase load security when travelling and can provide a degree of weather protection. We offer an extensive range of pick-up canopies for popular models from leading manufacturers. Check our brochure for full details and sizes of canopies available for sale.


Ifor Williams Pick-up Canopies are available for a wide selection of Pick-Up vehicles. Details of which canopies are available can be downloaded from the Canopies brochure. If your vehicle model is not listed, please speak us and we will be able to advise on availability.

Key Features

So that we can offer increased flexibility to our customers, each canopy model is offered with a rear meshgate, aluminium door with window or an aluminium door without a window.

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Spare parts are available to order for your chosen canopy.